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Our Amazon services are aimed at individuals and small and medium-sized companies with or without previous experience in Amazon sales who would like to start and expand their Amazon business through guided training or individual coaching.


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Amazon Seminars and Coaching


Getting Started on Amazon.

In this seminar, you will learn the basics of Amazon as a sales platform. We give you the knowledge you need to get started successfully on Amazon.

No previous knowledge is necessary.


  • Create Amazon account

  • Selling models like FBA, FBM, Amazon Vendor

  • Fee structures and barriers

  • Product and Market Selection

  • Hands-on: Product-Market-Fit


Build a strong presence.

In this seminar, learn how to increase the visibility and conversion of your products with optimized content. We'll show you what's important when it comes to product detail pages, keywords and brand building.


  • Keywords for good discoverability

  • Design optimal product detail pages with titles, bullet points and descriptions

  • Strengthen your brand with Brand Registry, A+ Content and Brandstore

  • Use AI optimization tools

  • Hands-on: Optimizing the listing


Increase sales with targeted advertising.

In this seminar, you will learn how to achieve more visibility and sales on Amazon through clever advertising. We provide the necessary know-how about ad types, bids (PPC) and campaign management.



  • Amazon advertising - a must in the marketing mix

  • Advertising forms such as sponsored ads and display ads

  • Keyword research

  • Control and analysis of campaigns

  • Bid optimization

  • Hands-on: Create an advertising campaign

1:1 Coaching

Specific questions?

In personal coaching, we provide you guidance in all areas related to Amazon success:

  • Market potential analysis

  • Procurement routes for products

  • Sell internationally

  • Develop growth strategy

  • and much more!

You can choose the focus and speed!

Are you still not sure which seminar is right for you or do you need individual Amazon Coaching?

Then arrange a free consultation or request further information via our contact form.

We look forward to your inquiry!


Thank you!


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70736 Fellbach



+49 156 7926 5256


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